mardi 30 novembre 2010

Un cadeau : Kantyze - scorpio kennedys big fun edit

Un jour vous branchez un vieux disque dur et surprise : un morceau oublié refait surface. C'est ce qu'il vient de se passer avec ce morceau que nous avons décidé de vous donner : Kantyze - scorpio kennedys big fun edit by kantyze l'original et le remix de Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy Remix datent de 2005. Ce fut la première sortie discographique de Kantyze et cette version du remix n'a jamais été diffusée

samedi 27 novembre 2010

Peter Kurten - Machines (Kantyze & Dead Kat Remix) - Forthcoming Nucleosynthesis LP SAMP3LP001 by Sound Artillery

Peter Kurten - Machines (Kantyze & Dead Kat Remix) - Forthcoming Nucleosynthesis LP SAMP3LP001 by Sound Artillery Sound Artillery present the forthcoming Nucleosynthesis MP3 LP. The following artists have contributed to the album: Aspect, Gremlinz, Verb, Morphy, Blal, Kantyze, Y2D, Isotone, Nebulus, Alcane & Ben-E. Check the preview cuts at: Release date is early Q1 2011. Big ups!

vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Subsessions - DJ Shows - DJs - George FM

Track Artist

bulletproof feat kiljoy & milon williams firesign

Kuru & dustmite linius feat kemst

survival & silent witness grahams tunnel

Cern & Borderline Unreality (Dubplate)

proktah rational (dubplate)

need for mirrors scar tissue

jubei patience vip (metalheadz dubplate)

bulletproof & concord dawn the sum of all things

Generic Featt' Sks shades of black (dubplate)

Cern & Menace Schemer (dubplate)

ulterior motive & jubei snoretooth (dubplate)

BTK drop it (Dubplate)

alex perez the observer

Black Sun Empire Bulletproof & State Of Mind roulette (dubplate)

dose squander (dubplate)

incident (dubplate) last move

june miller drowning man (jubei sink or swim mix) (dubplate)

survival&silent witness bullet (dubplate)

kantyze & disphonia 1987 demons (dubplate)

jubei gatewasy

proktah elephant march

silver player haterz ball

concord dawn Easy Life ft Nina McSweeney

Subsessions - DJ Shows - DJs - George FM

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Kantyze & Thought - m-Atome Digital 006

Different moods and different flavours are reunited on the EP,
starting off with a slashing number by Kantyze ,
heavy kick snare action and raging bass are the trademarks of “U87”.
”Parallax” keeps up the pressure with a ruff broken pattern and twisted edits.
Following these two pounders,”Seclusion” brings some melodic and downtempo vibes.
Closing this 4 tracker “Symmetry” remains a highlight in Thought’s early production,
with his usual brands : relentless tribal percussions,ravey stabs and dark fx.

Kantyze – U87
  Kantyze - U87 m-Atome Digital 006 clip by m-Atome Recs

Kantyze & Thought – Seclusion
  Kantyze & Thought - Seclusion - m-Atome Digital 006 clip by m-Atome Recs

 Kantyze & Thought – Parallax
  Kantyze & Thought - Parallax - m-Atome Digital 006 clip by m-Atome Recs
 Thought – Symmetry
  Thought - Symmetry - m-Atome Digital 006 clip by m-Atome Recs

out on November 15th 2011
A acheter

mercredi 10 novembre 2010

Prosper and Zam'x- kiss my neck (Kantyze relick)

On quitte la Drum&Bass pour un remix electro de Kiss my neck du duo Prosper & Zam'x à sortir sur le label français Expressillon. Plus d'informations : Prosper and zam'x- kiss my neck (Kantyze relick) Expressillon CLIP by kantyze

Kantyze & Disphonia - 1987 Demons

Première collaboration finie avec nos amis grecs de Disphonia. A venir en B-side chez Trust in Music Kantyze & Disphonia - 1987 Demons_CLIP by kantyze

jeudi 4 novembre 2010

Cortex & Kantyze - Quiet Storm

Nouvelle sortie extraite de la compilation Stop Thinking sur le label allemand Trust In Music.

A broad variety of tracks within the techno/neuro drum and bass spectrum can be found on the “Stop Thinking EP”.
Ranging from deep tracks like High Maintenance ”Red Mist”, technoid adventures on Scary “Cargo”, rave anthems like Rusher & Dubteks “Godsplitters” and epic soundscapes on T-Techs “Air Raid”, to dark and twisted tracks like Maztek feat MC Shot “Neuralnet”, this compilation is the mothership of state of the art neuro drum and bass. More rave madness can be found on “Thermal“ by Ketz & Kryteria with a big boom of bass stabs and effects, a truly hypnotic and very recognizable track by Exorcist - “Revenge”, experimental sounds and melodies in Redco - “Believe in me”, eclectic ethno melodies and oppressing basslines on Custom Soldiers - “Minoan” (Engage remix) and guitar lead riffs with evolving soundscapes on Malsum & Sinoptic - “My Devils”.

12” vinyl featuring :

A: Rusher & Dubtek – “Godsplitters”
B: Kryteria & Ketz – “Thermal” 12 mp3s from :
Scary, Exorcist, T-Tech, Wreckage Machinery, Giocator & NSL, Redco,
Maztek & MC Shot, Cain Mos, Malsum & Sinoptic, Custom Soldierz, High Maintenance, Cortex & Kantyze

Listen here:

get them here :